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Meet Your   Trainer


Hello! My name is Jey and yes that is a picture of me being silly, why? Because I think dog training should be fun and silly while we're teaching our dogs obedience. If you're not making a spectacle of yourself in public while out training your dog, then you're not doing it right. 


What You can expect From Your Trainer



Real-life training



Behavior Modification

Board and Train


Private Lessons

I offer an Elder discount to clients 60+ years old, a reparation rate for BIPOC, and a discount to my Trans siblings (contact me for details). I train dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes. I offer a 10-Day Puppy Board and Train, a 3-Week Board and Train, and private lesson packages.


My most popular program is my 3-Week Board and Train, an immersion training program where I work with your dog everyday for 21 days; there is limited space for this program. I only board and train two dogs a month to make sure my clients get the optimal training for their dollar.


Clients can expect their dog's behavioral issues to be solved and manageable*, to hold a sit and down for 15 minutes, be on 'place' (the dog bed) for two hours, to heel and loose leash walk, come when called, and to be able to bring your dog wherever your family goes with a peace of mind knowing your dog will behave; after their board and train is complete.


Your dog already knows some basic commands? That's awesome! I can make them more concrete and reliable wherever you travel with your dog and even teach them more advance obedience.

*Please note there is no cure for aggression, reactivity, or separation anxiety but with training and structure I can teach you how to manage and prevent these behaviors from becoming worse and allowing your dog to still have an enriched quality of life.

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