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“I sought out Jey after my dog, Angus, started exhibiting reactive behavior. Angus did a three week board and train, and it made a world of difference. Jey’s passion, knowledge, and expertise with animals made her the right person for the job. She gave Angus and I the right tools to make sure I feel confident with continuing his training at home while still ensuring that Angus and I get to lead a fully enriched lives.”

- Charlee P. (Angus's mom)


“I feel so fortunate to have been able to work with Emerald Dog Training. I got connected with the owner, Jey, through the rescue I adopted my dog from. Jey gave plenty of opportunities for me to join them for his training sessions and continues to be a pillar of support whenever I have any questions. I was and STILL am very impressed with the work she does. It takes time and dedication to build the skills and communication she has. I am constantly being told how good Panda is, and it just wouldn’t have happened without Jeys’ knowledge and experience. I’m very grateful and tell almost everyone about Emerald Dog Training. 10 outta 10 would do again!” - Vanessa S. (Panda's person)

"First off, I wanna say Jey’s work with our 95 lb leash-aggressive Great Pyrenees-mix was nothing less that remarkable (I tried other trainers)! Her training methods changed not only the quality of life for our dog but my whole family’s quality of life. Marlo, now 3, started her life as a stray and has been face with multiple returns to the shelter which only lead to her developing more behavioral issues and insecurities. During the time before Jey intervened Marlo was only getting worse and worse, she began dragging towards me moving semis, other dogs, and birds while neurotically barking/growling. One day, she was able to yank me off my feet drag me across a street, down a side walk, up someone’s driveway, and to their door just to get to the another dog all on my stomach. At that Point I was so fearful of taking her outside, that contacted Jey as a last hope. I was nervous because I was already invested with another trainer, and I started to believe her behavior could never be reversed, but boy was I was wrong. We signed Marlo up for the 3 week board and train and it was the closest thing to a miracle. Jey gave me regular updates so I could track Marlo progress. Now Marlo is home-sweet-home and I finally don’t have to be afraid to be her handler. I walked her downtown this evening something we’ve never been able to do, we ran into other dogs and trucks and she made me so proud! Bottomline, HIRE JEY!


P.S. It’s a learning process for you and dog so don’t think you won’t have to put any work in."

- Alexia P. (Marlo's mom)


"Tino is a highly reactive little dog. Before I came to Jey for intervention, Tino's world was shrinking because he could not be trusted around other dogs, even on leash. Jey has given me the tools and knowledge to turn this around. She is a talented trainer with a unique skill for breaking down human and dog behaviors in a way that allowed me to genuinely understand the "why" behind obedience training. Our biggest breakthroughs have happened when I gain insight into Tino's brain and see the world through his eyes. The more I understand, the more I am able to generalize Jey's lessons to our everyday life, accumulate small wins, deepen my relationship with Tino and broaden his world. I highly recommend Jey for any dog handler, and especially for reactive dogs." - Erica P. (Tino's mom)   


"We (my dog Louie and I) looove Jey. From day one, Louie recognized Jey as a confident pack leader and I was comforted with Jey's daily text updates on Louie's progress. My dog was starting to get on an aggressive path so I signed him up for boarding and six private lessons. Worth every dollar as Jey helped me be a better leader, trained Louie advanced basics (sit, down, heel, etc. but with longer duration and better focus) and still checks in periodically. A thousand thank yous to Emerald Dog Training." Lani K. (Louie's mom)


"Jey realized right away what Olie needed for his training and she was right on. He is a much happier pup now as am I. We feel lucky to have found her and would recommend her to anyone." Bill C. (Olie's dad)

"Working with Jey has been life changing for my husband and I! We adopted a nervous and fearful dog name Eve in Nov 2020, and were having troubles with her and my husbands relationship, how to deal with certain behaviors, and getting her to eat. We’d worked with some other trainers before and saw no progress and probably made things worse. Then we were recommended Jey and did a 2 week board and train with Eve. Jey kept us up to date each day with her and Eve’s progress and even sent us videos. When Eve came back home she was more confident and had learned some basic training, and she actually eats meals now! Just having Eve be able to sit on command has really helped us when she starts to panic in certain situations and has given us the building blocks to build her up. With Jey's advice and tools my husband and Eve have been able to start rebuilding their relationship from the ground up, and she is beginning to act more relaxed around him. When we have questions/concerns about training or behaviors Jey is always willing to give us a quick call and offer guidance. Eve still will need lots of time and work, but we know that if anything comes up we have Jey as a resource! We highly recommend her to anyone!" Amber S. (Eve's mom)


"I have so many things I could say about Jey but here's the quick version!! We had a wild corgi (Gus) who pulled relentlessly on the leash, bit, and jumped all over guests. He was crazy wild. After the board and train with Jey he in 3 weeks was doing perfect recall (would come when I said come), no longer jumps on guests, can walk in a perfect heal (even when I use my wheelchair) and never pulls on his leash. Gus also learned a command called "place" where he stays on his dog bed and stays perfectly. Also he doesn't eat shoes, socks, or bite now so we could not b happier. We love Jey and she made our Gus into a dream dog. You will absolutely not regret working with Jey she is the very best." Olivia C. (Gus's mom)

"I was ready to give my English Bulldog, Jasper back to the breeder. I didn’t have the time or energy needed to train such a headstrong, stubborn boy. Jey was my last hope. She didn’t fail us. Jasper is so we’ll behaved now it’s like night and day. I highly recommend Jey. Her methods work and I would not hesitate to use her services again if I have another stubborn tank of a dog. Thank you Jey." Valarie W. (Jasper's mom)


"Jey gave extra on my behalf by training my dog to use the tread mill and Jey had to train my dog to never lunge because I have broken my left leg at my ankle, so I do not have good balance. This was accomplished plus many other ways to help me enjoy my sweet dog more. I highly recommend Emerald Dog Training. My goals were met and even exceeded." - Peggy M. (Ginger's mom)


"Jey is AWESOME! Our German Shepherd mix pup was getting out of control. Aggressive, fearful, obnoxious. 3 weeks with Jey and he was a new "man". A pleasure to be with and walk and take into a venue with no anxiety. Jey is our go to trainer and should be yours to." Dan and Noelle P. (Archie's people)


"I absolutely loved working with Jey. My now two year old Amstaff Cy was a happy go lucky puppy until he was attacked (while on leash) at a local park by another bigger dog (off leash) and owner had no recall. He survived but the behavioral damage was done. He was afraid of EVERYTHING outside which was so tough! He wanted and needed exercise but things he was once curious and excited to see: passing cars, other dogs and new people - he was suddenly terrified of and that turned to fear aggression, leash pulling and he was impossible to control. Jey was recommended and we/Cy did the recommended 3 week board and train. I was a nervous for the little guy and Jey was absolutely amazing! I received nearly daily updates with videos and I t was amazing to see his progress. I learned as well in our once a week lessons. He’s a great dog but we both needed help to navigate the behavioral issues and I learned A LOT about dog training, behavior and Jey continued to refer me to great resources so I could continue to work with him. He is a bright energetic boy who knows dozens of commands, walks loose leash, and absolutely loves to adventure with the fam. Jey is awesome. If you need training or coaching: don’t hesitate." 

Sarah D. (Cy's mom)

"When we first brought home our adorable and cuddly puppy, we were instantly in love. He completed our family. We diligently took him to obedience classes and practiced his new commands religiously. Still, as first time dog owners, we struggled to channel our pups willful nature and curb his playful puppy bite. When we were referred to Jey we were thankful for the time she took to answer our many, many questions and concerns, and the confidence and no-nonsense dog-trainingphilosophy she had. We did the 3-week board and train and it was a transformative experience for our puppy. It gave us the tools and foundation our family needed (pup included!) to thrive!" - Karen K. (Pippin's mom)

"Jey is truly amazing! She loves dogs and it shows in her training and responsiveness to my sweet puppy, Chewie. I highly recommend Jey for training puppies their much needed manners and respectability. - Karen K. (Chewy's mom)"

"Jey at Emerald Dog Training was a gift from the universe and the best investment we have made for our family to date. No joke. We loved our Australian Labradoodle puppy from the start but really struggled with managing his behavior. He is naturally bossy, needy and has strong FOMO (fear of missing out) which can be challending for a family that includes a young child. We took several training courses with other companies and while we would see a bit of improvement here and there, it was not cutting it. At 14 months old, we knew we needed to call on a solid trainer and training program to ensure our family AND family dog were happy and thriving under the same roof.

Our Tucker did the 21 day program (we lovingly called it "Puppy Bootcamp"). We got to visit him 1/week and were able to be trained as well to ensure a smooth and succesful transition back home. Tucker returned home a HUGE SUCCESS STORY! He still has his sweet, curious and loving mannerisms but with structure. He is very quick to drop anything in his mouth with an "OUT" and will even offer a sit. This was a focus area for us as he had the ability to resource guard odd, non-food items. Jey helped us discover that tug is his "love language" (he will do anything if tug is the reward or next activity). This has been a great help for a non-food motivated dog. And he also has learned that our youngest child is not his litter mate. Tucker now knows how to "play" safely with our son - a HUGE WIN. Honestly, I can go on and on with how happy we are. If you are on the fence, I encourage going for it. Invest in your future and the life of your family and dog. No regrets will be had." - Sarah H. (Tucker's mom)

Screenshot 2023-04-05 at 6.50.10 PM.png

"I was initially hesitant about agreeing to an board-and-train situation for my DeeJay, out of an unfounded concern that he would learn follow instructions from someone other than me.


This was so far from the experience! Given that DeeJay was a rescue with no formal training in his first 13 mos, it was so surprising to see his progress working with Jey in just two weeks. When we got together for my first leasson, so I could learn what DeeJay had learned, he was 180 degrees different on his end of the lead than before his lesson began.


Jey at Emerald was able to cut through all the noise you experience when you try to watch and read dog training guidance online. The lessons I received completely destroyed some myths I was holding onto about how dogs learn, and how much or little of what I say and do matters to DeeJay.


Now that DeeJay is home, and we continue putting the lessons we've learned into our daily routine - both around the house, and out on walks - he is clearly more confident in what I expect, and my arms, shoulders, back and neck are no longer sore from his previous habit of straining at the lead.


Just today (Thursday, Jan. 26, 2023) on a walk, we came upon two Spaniels on leads with their people, and it was all they could do to keep their dogs settled, quiet, and in control as DeeJay and I walked by, smiled and bid them a "good afternoon." When DeeJay's head turned in the direction of the growling dogs, a softly spoken "heel" snapped his focus back to the direction we were walking - for which he was well rewarded with praise." - Cary L. (Deejay's dad)

"Jey has been life-changing for our dog and our family! We have always loved our dog, Obi, and his goofiness. However, he didn't always show his loving demeanor as a pandemic puppy. He was often hesitant and fearful of new people, which presented us with challenging situations related to re-entering society during Covid-19 and life changes in our family requiring less aggression and more exposure to new people.


Emerald Dog Training is one of the best investments we have made, and we feel like we are enjoying our dog's personality more and having so much fun with his training, thanks to Jey's consistency and trust-building. We did the board and train services for three weeks and appreciated Jey's consistent and detailed updates. Our weekly meetings provided a smooth transition to begin to practice and implement training with Obi on a realistic timeline.


Walks with Obi are so much fun now, and though every day is a continuing practice, we feel well-equipped with the tools and knowledge we need to continue helping Obi with his anxiety and fears. All of this to say, what started as a tense introduction for Obi (he definitely showed some hesitancy in the beginning!), has now resulted in his calm and happy demeanor, especially when Jey is around. :-)


It has been reassuring to have Jey's help and advice throughout this process, as they have always been responsive, detailed, and consistent with Obi's training and communication with us.


If you are feeling hesitant, don't be! We are so grateful every day and excited to have met Jey and used Emerald Dog Training services for our pup." - Alejandra V. (Obi's mom)

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"I recently adopted an older a dog with some surprise unwanted behaviors. Despite having dog experience and searching the “end of the Internet” for all the training advice I could find, I was still struggling and finally admitted I was not beat equipped to help my new dogbe successful on my own. I needed an in-person expert!


I’m so grateful we found Jey with Emerald DogTraining as she was able to help us set up a good training plan and gave fantastic feedback during our lessons that matched my dogsspecific issues to my abilities. Jey has given us both more confidence! I now have a whole new set of tools and skills that I can consistently use so my dog and I can be successful members of public society. We focused on appropriate & kind use of e-collar and prong for a loose leash walk and heel while ignoring distractions like other dogs and people either out in public or at my home.


Jey has made all the difference and allowed me to #1 keep my dog and others safe #2 have more fun with less stress so we can do more doggie activities I didn’t think were initially possible with my reactive pup. Now I’m not alone and have someone who understands us and is able offer custom support and advice." - Jessica A. (Panzer's mom)

"For our stubborn Corgi, Katsuki, it was like a night and day difference. After working with Jey, he came back with so many new skills! He learned so much with them, and has they have continued to help us work with him. Jey is reliable, knowledgable in all things dog training and, overall just a delightful person to work with. Cannot recommend them enough!" - Valdemar S. (Katsuki's dad)

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"I run a dog rescue, primarily working with displaced dobermans who often are surrendered with some sort of behavioral issue. I originally met Jey at a dog sports seminar and we got to talking since she owned a doberman herself. Shortly after, a dog came into rescue named Crown who was immediately given up on by his original foster for leash reactivity to anything with wheels (cars, skateboards, bikes, motorcycles, scooters)! After realizing the severity, I knew that Crown would not be suitable in most foster homes, as well as adoptive homes given his fears/reactivity.


Crown went into a board and train with Jey who was super communicative with us along the way. She shared photos and videos and shortly after we get a video of Crown at a skate park! Bikes, skateboards and everything wheeling by with zero issue from Crown. This was a HUGE turnaround and by the time his board and train was over, she worked with his adopters to ensure they were educated on how to properly handle him and continue setting him up for success.


I then used Jey for my personal dog for obedience for private lessons. A little different than a board and train but my experience with her was just as top-notch as the previous experience with our foster. The way she communicates and tailors your dog's needs to EXACTLY what you want to address really set her apart from my other experiences with professional dog trainers.


Coming from someone who has done a board and train with a foster dog and private lessons with my personal dog, Jey @ Emerald Dog Training is an amazing trainer to have in your corner and set you and your dog up for great success." - Melani W. (Red's mom and President of The Doberman Rescue Pack

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